The Art Of Exercising And Beyond ®

Francesca Antonacci-Delecce


  • Francesca, originally from Bari, Italy, is a certified GYROTONIC® Level 1 & Archway trainer. She is also a certified Yoga teacher.
  • By 18 years old, she completed her classical degree at the Royal Academy of London, specializing in the RAD method. She then moved to Rome, where she danced professionally for 9 years, perfecting her techniques in contemporary & modern dance.

  • After several dance related injuries, Francesca found an extended passion for both Gyrotonic & Yoga methods in Rome at The White Cloud Studio. Later, she trained with the best in San Fransisco to become a teacher in both Yoga & Gyrotonic. We are very happy to have her here, while she continues her teaching & dancing journeys & of course her new young family in NYC.