The Art Of Exercising And Beyond ®


Joanna started taking GYROTONIC® lessons as a result of a debilitating injury that curtailed her lifestyle for close to two years. Every other conventional & many alternative treatments brought no relief until she discovered the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in 2005. Within a relatively short time, her body started to feel better, she was able to cancel scheduled surgery & is now finally pain free. Joanna says "I am proof of the belief that anyone can enjoy the Gyrotonic method. My background is in fashion, not in dance & my understanding of the movements & exercise methods were learnt, not intuitive."
In 2007 Joanna certified as a GYROTONIC® Level 1 Trainer & has never looked back. Now certified In GYROTONIC® Level 2, the GYROTONER® and the Jumping Stretching Board, she looks forward to continuing her education in this ever evolving expression of movement & teaching as often as her schedule allows. Joanna still works in the fashion industry but is most fulfilled & joyful when teaching.