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Leslie is the owner & founder of the EASTSIDE GYROTONIC® studio, where she teaches privately & conducts courses. She has experience teaching both young & elderly clients & students with a variety of levels & needs. Leslie has worked with individuals suffering from scoliosis, arthritis, herniations, pre/post operations, & joint replacements. She also works regularly with athletes & professional dancers. Leslie discovered the GYROTONIC® method of exercise after 20 years of classical ballet experience, including work with the Edmonton Festival Ballet, Citie Ballet & New York's Joffrey Ballet School. Her understanding & compassion for the body were enriched after she broke 3 vertebrae & GYROTONIC® exercises proved to be the only modality of recovery that allowed for the full reawakening of her spine & body. Honored to be connected with all that it has to offer, Leslie is deeply committed to the GYROTONIC® method. Leslie still trains with Juliu Horvath as well as other Specialized Master Trainers. She has completed Paul Horvath's Therapeutic workshops, the FAMI workshop at Mount Sinai & MELT® Hands & Feet. Physical fitness & Yoga are also important elements of her personal practice.

Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer and Master Trainer

Gyrokineses Pre-Trainer and Master Trainer

Archway Master Trainer

Jumping-Stretching Board Master Trainer

Gyrotoner Master Trainer

Specialized Master Trainer in

Gyrotonic  Level 2 Prep & Level 2

Gyrotonic Level 1 Music

Gyrokinesis Lotus Blossom Programs 1&2

Gyrokinesis Happy Moves & Breathing Course Intensive