The Art Of Exercising And Beyond ®

Olga Suarez-Paz


  • Olga began in 2001 as a regular student of the GYROTONIC® method. Love at first sight, she soon certified with Juliu Horvath in GYROKINESIS® level I & GYROTONIC® level 1 & 2. She is certified in the Ladder, Jumping Stretching Board, Archway & has completed numerous courses to deepen her understanding in the work. She is also extensively certified in all Stott Pilates mat & equipment. She teaches continuously in the US, Argentina & Ukraine, in 3 languages.
    She loves teaching & sharing that which has helped her as a professional performing artist, dancer & human being that loves to move.

  • GYROTONIC® is a time to be with myself. Some days, it’s like a meditation, other days it helps me to work out a sore spot or kink; to wring out the bad & renew it with the good.”
    She always looks forward to teaching her students & clients to move through life with strength & grace.